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Added by Valentina Akishina over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Dear David,

I am adapting L1 tracking for track reconstruction in mCBM and have found out that the order of TRD modules in the geometry is odd.

The modules are not sorted according to the z-position like usually:
Id 0: z =150 cm
Id 1: z = 170 cm
Id 2: z = 190 cm
Id 3: z = 220 cm
Id 4: z = 130 cm

Is it possible to store them sorted according to z position?
Otherwise a lot of work around is needed for tracking.

many thanks!

Best regards,


trd_v18m.png (21.6 KB) trd_v18m.png TRD v18m module copy numbers David Emschermann, 02/27/2018 07:50 PM
trd_v18o.png (21.5 KB) trd_v18o.png TRD v18o module copy numbers David Emschermann, 02/27/2018 07:50 PM
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Updated by Volker Friese over 4 years ago

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I just contacted the TRD group. The reason for the numbering is that modules 0 to 3 are of type M√ľnster/Frankfurt, while module 4 is of type Bucharest and was added later.

The geometry will stay as is. Please find a way to work around.

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Updated by Maksym Zyzak over 4 years ago

Dear Volker,

we would like to keep the geometry constructed correctly. The stations should have a numbering scheme according to they position, the numbering should follow some logic, otherwise it is useless. What will happen, if another station will be added, for example, in between existing modules and will be given number 5? We will have a complete mess: 4 - 5 - 0 - 1 -2 -3. I would suggest, that we should generate a scheme to be followed by the detector group when generating a geometry. Moreover, if the Bucharest station will be given number 0 and all others 1-4, this will not affect the inner logic of the TRD setup: one particular and 4 similar stations.

Also, I would like to avoid ways to work around the odd things, since this will add additional unnecessary complications of the code, that we really do not want. We do not have enough manpower to debug this. The code should be easy and maintainable.

With best regards,

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Updated by Volker Friese over 4 years ago

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I see the point that the reconstruction needs some convention in numbering of the stations (in ascending order in z position), which is followed by any geometry (mCBM, full CBM) in order to write code which is independent of geometry. That is a valid request, and I will see to it being followed.

Problem for the time being is that David, who has been taken care of the TRD geometry up to now, will not be able to do so any longer. So, until this is fixed, I might ask Valentina to make an ugly workaround in her code, which later can be removed, only to prevent further delays. That cannot be a substantial issue (mapping 5 numbers to 5 other numbers, come on!).

Timur: does this constitute a problem for your code as well?

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Updated by Timur Ablyazimov over 4 years ago

No, I do not think it is a problem for my code. It should arrange stations automatically.

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Dear Florian,

welcome to the club. First issue to be solved here. Can you do that?

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Updated by David Emschermann over 4 years ago

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Hi Valentina,

I have applied a quick hack to the mTRD module copy number.
Now you will use mTRD v18o instead of v18m in the standard mCBM setup.
Could you please let me know if this fixes your problem?

Best regards


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Updated by David Emschermann over 4 years ago

TRD v18m module copy numbers
TRD v18o module copy numbers


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