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Development #295: STS NOV15

Modifications needed to adapt the COSY beamtime reco classes after deprecations in STS data classes

Added by Pierre-Alain Loizeau about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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In rev. 7648, some fields in the CbmStsCluster and CbmStsHit data classes were deprecated:
1) CbmStsCluster->Mean was replaced by CbmStsCluster->Center
2) CbmStsCluster->MeanError was partially replaced by CbmStsCluster->channelMeanSq
3) CbmStsHit->SectorNb was fully deprecated

I made some adaptation to use the new fields and allow compilation and a behavior as close as possible to original.
However I had to use fix errors in StsCosyClusterFinder and to use unused data field for the detector ID in CbmStsHit, so this need to be checked and done in a better way.

Affected files are:

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Updated by Pierre-Alain Loizeau about 7 years ago

Associated commit: revision 7772

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Updated by Volker Friese about 7 years ago

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  • Target version set to NOV15
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Please state if you need some modifications in the STS cluster and/or hit classes.

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Updated by Pierre-Alain Loizeau almost 7 years ago

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The changes were commited to trunk by Florian in rev. 7819.

An accessor to "fChannelMeanSq" in CbmStsCluster would allow to get back the original error calculation method.

The other "hack" is that I used the frontDigiId field in CbmStsHit to store the station index instead of the deprecated SectorNb. Here I am not sure that a modificationto the data class would improve anything.

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Updated by Pierre-Alain Loizeau almost 7 years ago

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Modifications done in rev. 8294. Issue resolved, can be closed after somebody checks with a COSY file that results are now identical to old behavior.

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Updated by Pierre-Alain Loizeau almost 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

Anna did her own modifications in her not yet committed version of the COSY unpacker. Eventually the changes done for this issue will need to be also done in her version, an email with a link to this issue was sent to her.


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