GitLab server back online

Added by Florian Uhlig 2 months ago

Dear colleagues,

please read this news carefully and till the end. Most important please don't commit anything to the GitLab server yet. Use the server currently only for reading but not writing.

As you may have already noticed the GitLab server is back online again. Due to a combination of very unfortunate circumstances the server was brocken in such a way that it has to be restored from the backup.

The good news is that this restore worked as expected without any problems. The bad news is that everything done between the nightly backup and the time when the server crashed is lost.

I checked the situation for the official CbmRoot repository and there on merge I did yesterday morning is back into the state as merge request. This situation is easy to solve since the merge request which was already merged has to be merged again. No inconsistencies were introduced and no data was lost.

If you haven't committed anything between Monday evening and Tuesday around 10h it is very unlikely that your repositories are affected. If you did commits or add information on the server (add merge requests, comment merge requests, ...) the work is probably lost.

In any case please check your own projects carefully and report any problems you find at

Most important are any inconsistencies between your local working copies and the repositories on the server.

If no serious problems are reported I would like to go back to normal operation in the evening.
You will be informed by another news at the time we go back to normal operation.