CBM Software Meeting 25 November 2021: agenda

Added by Volker Friese 10 months ago

Dear colleagues,

the main topic for today's software meeting is the status of the target goals for the next cbmroot release and the corresponding time line. I would appreciate if the main actors could briefly comment in the meeting in this respect:

  • New fairsoft and fairroot externals (F. Uhlig)
  • MQ processing chain for mCBM (P.-A. Loizeau)
  • L1 tracking in mCBM (V. Akishina)
  • Global L1 tracking (S. Gorbunov)
  • Readiness of time-based simulation and reconstruction chain (O. Golosov)
  • Prototype for online algo chain (V. Friese)

For the complete agenda, see

With best regards,

Volker Friese


Added by Volker Friese 10 months ago

Minutes are available from Indico.