Virgo maintenance

Added by Florian Uhlig 3 months ago


obviously many of you didn't get the information about the maintenance of the virgo cluster. Please find the announcement with a tentative time plan below

Hi all.

We are planning a downtime of the Virgo cluster in order to
perform maintenance/upgrade of the Lustre MDSs (metadata servers).

Based on the beam time plan, we will follow this schedule:

- Apr 12: the 'long' and the 'gpu' partitions will be set to *drain*.
- Apr 15: the 'grid' partition will be set to *drain*.
- Apr 18: the 'main' partition will be set to *drain*. Access to '/lustre' and the submit nodes will be closed.
- Apr 19: start of the upgrade/maintenance on Lustre MDSs.
- Apr 25: the cluster will be opened again for job submission.

The estimated downtime could be shorter than what is currently planned,
although no guarantees can be provided at the moment.

In any case, further communications about the update status will be sent
via mailing list to the users.

We apologize in advance for any inconveniences.

On behalf of CIT/HPC,
Matteo Dessalvi