New requirements for CbmRoot compilation

Added by Florian Uhlig 2 months ago

Dear colleagues,

as discussed already many times and finally announced in the last CbmRoot Software Meeting starting with ee2726f5 the C++17 standard as well as new FairSoft and FairRoot versions are needed for the CbmRoot compilation.

The C++17 standard is fully supported by GCC from version 7 and Clang from version
6. If you are interested in the compiler details please check

The new minimum FairSoft and FairRoot versions are

FairSoft: apr21p2
FairRoot: v18.6.7

The requirements are automatically checked by the build system and CMake will stopp with an error message if they are not meet.

Precompiled FairSoft and FairRoot versions are installed in CVMFS and are ready to be used.

If you need to install FairSoft and FairRoot please follow the instructions
in the README at
and consider to use the script from the CbmRoot
source directory as described in the README.

Please report any problems in our Readmien issue tracker at