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04:45 PM CbmRoot Infrastructure #761: write access to repository
Dear Florian,
Everything works. Thank you.
It looks like I don't have privileges to change the status from resol...
Ievgenii Kres
04:11 PM testProject Revision 8d863652 (gitlab): Added my own macro directory
git-svn-id: 5a1b234a-d7ce-0410-9a93-fd649a8fa65c Ievgenii Kres
04:11 PM Simulation Revision 11092 (cbmroot): Added my own macro directory
Ievgenii Kres
04:04 PM testProject Revision 1d74015d (gitlab): deleted a file
git-svn-id: 5a1b234a-d7ce-0410-9a93-fd649a8fa65c Ievgenii Kres
04:04 PM Simulation Revision 11091 (cbmroot): deleted a file
Ievgenii Kres
04:02 PM testProject Revision 06814303 (gitlab): testcommit
git-svn-id: 5a1b234a-d7ce-0410-9a93-fd649a8fa65c Ievgenii Kres
04:02 PM Simulation Revision 11090 (cbmroot): testcommit
Ievgenii Kres
04:00 PM testProject Revision a18a35da (gitlab): Added my own analysis directory "conversion2",
and changed CMakeLists.txt accordingly
git-svn-id: 5a1b234a-...
Ievgenii Kres
04:00 PM Simulation Revision 11089 (cbmroot): Added my own analysis directory "conversion2",
and changed CMakeLists.txt accordingly Ievgenii Kres
03:58 PM Simulation Revision 11087 (cbmroot): test
Ievgenii Kres

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