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02:44 PM CbmRoot Bug #2406 (New): fEventTime in FairEventHeader in Event by Event Digitization
Hi Volker,
I noticed that in EbyE-Digitization the event start time of 1000 ns is not written correctly in the cbm...
Adrian Meyer-Ahrens


02:57 PM CbmRoot Bug #2386 (New): MVD in Hadron Setup
I noticed that the MVD is included in the setup_sis100_hadron.C, while the MVD is not present in the hadron s...
Adrian Meyer-Ahrens


10:51 AM CbmRoot Revision f5b4c876 (cbmroot_git): Add myself as a code owner of papa, remove Etienne
Adrian Meyer-Ahrens


04:15 PM CbmRoot Bug #2144: Change in the Chi-square distribution of TRD in APR21_RC3 as compared to APR20 release candidate in Muon setup
Hi all,
one other thing that I changed was the energy loss model used by geant3 for the trd-gas, but I cannot say ho...
Adrian Meyer-Ahrens


02:07 PM CbmRoot Revision fd52c53e (cbmroot_git): Trd Radiator Update
Adrian Meyer-Ahrens


04:03 PM CbmRoot Bug #1486 (Closed): GetTime Function of CbmTrdDigi
Adrian Meyer-Ahrens


04:31 PM CbmRoot Bug #1486: GetTime Function of CbmTrdDigi
Florian Uhlig has just added the patched version to the trunk (rev. 16077). Thank you Florian! Adrian Meyer-Ahrens


03:49 PM CbmRoot Bug #1486: GetTime Function of CbmTrdDigi
Just to conclude:
I have sent the patched versions of the CbmTrdDigi.h and CbmTrdDigi.cxx to Florian Uhlig now, to...
Adrian Meyer-Ahrens


04:42 PM CbmRoot Bug #1486: GetTime Function of CbmTrdDigi
Yes with the complete if statement it works. But shouldn't we still define fgClk as a double since the GetTimeDAQ for... Adrian Meyer-Ahrens
02:13 PM CbmRoot Bug #1486: GetTime Function of CbmTrdDigi
Weirdly enough, this does not seem to be the case.
In the following I used fgClk as a float and had the GetTime func...
Adrian Meyer-Ahrens

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