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mCBM application 2020 Reporter 06/04/2020
CbmRoot Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/15/2013
Framework Developer 06/07/2021
Simulation Developer 11/12/2018
TOF Manager, Developer, Reporter 12/02/2019



03:49 PM CbmRoot Bug #2573 (In Progress): Crash at end of run_digi.C due to FairRun, solvable in unsafe way on our side
Depending on the system (maybe on the ROOT or FAIRROOT versions), the macro *macro/run/run_digi.C* ends up with one o... Pierre-Alain Loizeau


05:39 PM CbmRoot Revision ace75523 (cbmroot_git): [CI] add test of mCBM 2022 event building (task version)
Pierre-Alain Loizeau
05:39 PM CbmRoot Revision 48d65d9c (cbmroot_git): [MQ] update par file list vs run ID for MQ par server in 2022 scripts
Pierre-Alain Loizeau
05:39 PM CbmRoot Revision d3668f78 (cbmroot_git): [mCBM] explicit default par files for mMUCH and mTOF + TOF default nh sync
Pierre-Alain Loizeau
04:37 PM CbmRoot Revision 4f4b6b89 (cbmroot_git): In unp macros, put unpackers config in order along mCBM beamline
Pierre-Alain Loizeau
04:37 PM CbmRoot Revision c03502fa (cbmroot_git): [mCBM 2022] Add evt building only macro and synchronize unpack+evt macro
Pierre-Alain Loizeau
04:35 PM CbmRoot Feature #2571 (New): Add masked channels in CbmMcbm2018StsPar + related changes in unpack algo and macro
Goal: replace the explicit list of masked channels in the unpackign macro with some optional values in the ASCII para... Pierre-Alain Loizeau
04:19 PM CbmRoot Bug #2570 (New): Memory leak in CbmTrdUnpackFaspAlgo
There is a memory leak linked to the usage of the buffer introduced in "commit 18348085 (add digi buffering to fix as... Pierre-Alain Loizeau


03:04 PM CbmRoot CBM Software Meeting 04 August 2022
Dear colleagues,
Please be invited to our software meeting tomorrow from 10:30 to latest 12:00 CEST, which has onl...
Pierre-Alain Loizeau


01:45 PM CbmRoot Development #2557 (In Progress): Provide material budget maps for mMUCH geometries 22g, 22i, 22j and 22k
Pierre-Alain Loizeau

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