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03:43 PM CbmRoot Bug #2592 (Closed): No branch list in input file (digitization)
Thank you for your contributions, Volker and Pierre.
It works now after changing the command
> _os.system((". ...
Cornelius Feier-Riesen


04:45 PM CbmRoot Bug #2592: No branch list in input file (digitization)
The log file is complete. I uploaded the whole original file.
By the way: since last week I also have the issue th...
Cornelius Feier-Riesen
04:04 PM CbmRoot Bug #2592 (Closed): No branch list in input file (digitization)
Hi Florian,
when I try to run a simulation (full chain), at digitization the simulation stops with following FATAL...
Cornelius Feier-Riesen


03:06 PM CbmRoot Revision 231aa7ab (cbmroot_git): LMVM:
add new PLUTO path (Tetyanas folder)
add purity histograms
add histograms to investigate diff. between PLUTO/UrQMD an...
Cornelius Feier-Riesen
03:06 PM CbmRoot Revision 840c69b5 (cbmroot_git): LMVM: restructure comb. BG procedure
Cornelius Feier-Riesen
03:06 PM CbmRoot Revision 79d923a2 (cbmroot_git): Apply clang format
Cornelius Feier-Riesen


02:45 PM CbmRoot Revision 64edf8f5 (cbmroot_git): LMVM: Add histograms and do some small changes
Cornelius Feier-Riesen
01:45 PM CbmRoot Development #2325 (Closed): RECO.root files are very large
Cornelius Feier-Riesen


09:15 AM CbmRoot Revision ea846e99 (cbmroot_git): Adjust electron ID cuts
Cornelius Feier-Riesen
09:15 AM CbmRoot Revision 785ecb17 (cbmroot_git): Include signals in comb. BG
and also change nofBins of hTofM2 histogram. Cornelius Feier-Riesen

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