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10:21 AM CbmRoot Revision 5ee591f9 (cbmroot_git): Couple STS reconstruction to digi data in CbmDigiEvent format


08:35 AM Simulation Sim-Development #2358: Zero-length StsPoints from transport simulation
For completeness, I have studied also c2f_transport.C with Geant3. No cases with unphysical times are seen. The numbe...
08:09 AM Simulation 6.00 hours (Sim-Development #2358 (In Progress): Zero-length StsPoints from transport simulation)
08:09 AM Simulation Sim-Development #2358 (In Progress): Zero-length StsPoints from transport simulation
I have studied the following cases:
* run_tra_file.C with Geant3 ("_g3")
* run_tra_file.C with Geant4 ("_g4")
* c2...


06:01 PM CbmRoot Feature #2368: Geometry initialization for mCBM data
You do not have any STS routine in there. It seems that these method (GetParSensor etc) are called from somewhere in ...
05:50 PM CbmRoot Feature #2368 (In Progress): Geometry initialization for mCBM data
Dear Anna,
it seems that you try to set parameters for a sensor / module which is not in the geometry. This is not...
01:04 PM CbmRoot CBM Software Meeting 9 December 2021
Dear colleagues,
our next software meeting will deal with
* New geometries in development (E. Clerkin)
* Geometr...


05:58 PM CbmRoot Feature #2366 (New): Fairsoft apr21: error message when exiting ROOT after digitization
With the new externals fairsoft apr21 and fairroot v18.6.4, I get an error message (segmentation fault) when exiting ...
11:01 AM Framework Development #2257 (Closed): Preparation of software infrastructure
11:01 AM Framework Development #2278 (In Progress): Device class for reconstruction from time slices
Dear Pierre-Alain,
having the new algorithms TimeClusterTrigger and BuildEvents in place and integrated into cbmro...

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