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mCBM application 2020 Reporter 06/04/2020
CbmRoot Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/16/2013
Algorithm Developer 04/30/2021
Framework Manager, Developer 11/02/2020
Simulation Manager, Developer 10/30/2017
TOF Reporter 12/02/2019



02:40 PM CbmRoot No software meeting on 26 May 2022
Dear colleagues,
tomorrow is a public holiday in Germany (Ascension Day), so there will be no software meeting. Th...
Volker Friese


06:53 PM CbmRoot No CBM Software Meeting on 12 May 2022
Dear colleagues,
in view of the Collaboration Meeting and its computing session next week, which most of us are bu...
Volker Friese


12:13 PM CbmRoot Revision 5db8ef02 (cbmroot_git): Integrate reconstruction from timeslice data and from digi data (simulation).
Volker Friese


08:05 AM CbmRoot CBM Software Meeting 28 April 2022
Dear colleagues,
after a short Easter break, we resume the regular Software Meetings today at 10:30 CEST. Topic:
Volker Friese


10:23 AM Simulation Sim-Development #2501 (Assigned): Start point of primary tracks in the transport
Several generators allow to set the the start point of a primary track for the transport simulation (e.g., FairBoxGen... Volker Friese


02:15 PM Framework Development #2490 (Closed): Integration of the XPU framework into cbmroot
Volker Friese
08:50 AM Framework Development #2496: STS cluster data structure
In my view, cluster and hit finding are two logically distinct steps, the latter depending on the former. I do, e.g.,... Volker Friese


04:09 PM CbmRoot CBM Software Meeting 7 April 2022
Dear colleagues,
our next software meeting takes place tomorrow, 7 March 2022 at 10:30 CET. Topics is:
* Online...
Volker Friese
02:52 PM CbmRoot Revision de9e8423 (cbmroot_git): QA for digi events. Checks the digi time distribution within the event.
Volker Friese


03:35 PM Framework Development #2488 (In Progress): Data structures and containers
Volker Friese

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