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mCBM application 2020 Reporter 10/05/2020
CbmRoot Developer, Reporter 10/05/2020
Algorithm Developer 04/30/2021
Framework Developer, Reporter, Watcher 05/03/2021
Simulation Developer 07/02/2021
TOF Reporter 10/05/2020



01:56 PM CbmRoot Revision 48f13821 (cbmroot_git): StsDigi: Add more error handling against timestamp overflows.
Felix Weiglhofer


09:56 AM CbmRoot Feature #2301: Crashing mCBM 2020 tests due StsDigi change: fully remove support or upgrade?
The time input in the constructor should be double not int32 to be consistent with the time-setter. This also allows ... Felix Weiglhofer


10:40 AM Framework Development #2058 (Resolved): Update size of STSDigi to 8 byte
Resolved with the merge of "MR 355": Felix Weiglhofer


04:52 PM CbmRoot Revision eebe8132 (cbmroot_git): Remove (most) root types from CbmStsAddress.
Felix Weiglhofer
04:52 PM CbmRoot Revision 28a68d9b (cbmroot_git): Reduce size of StsDigi to 8 bytes.
Felix Weiglhofer


04:20 PM Framework Development #2058: Update size of STSDigi to 8 byte
I did a test where I filled a @std::vector@ with a few million digits. In a second step I iterated over the digis, ac... Felix Weiglhofer


08:39 AM CbmRoot Revision 2237f5bb (cbmroot_git): Digitization: Make digi timestamp relative to the beginning of the time slice.
Felix Weiglhofer
08:38 AM CbmRoot Revision 5d6f80e2 (cbmroot_git): Digitization: Apply time offset also in event-by-event mode.
Felix Weiglhofer


06:01 PM CbmRoot Bug #2152 (Assigned): mCBM pulser does not have a valid STS address
Felix Weiglhofer


05:52 PM CbmRoot Development #2170 (Closed): Update VC to version 1.4.2
VC recently got a new release:
In particular this fixes an annoyi...
Felix Weiglhofer

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