Evgeny Kryshen





11:57 AM CbmRoot Simulation: RE: Time-based hit finder for STS
Volker Friese wrote:
> > Do you plan to modify STS hit producer to work with time-based simulation? I could also try...
10:59 AM Simulation Revision 5315 (cbmroot): GetStsData accessor added (temporary, to be removed when better solution...
10:57 AM Simulation Revision 5314 (cbmroot): Set eventId in the point link
10:42 AM Simulation Revision 5313 (cbmroot): Changed the level of debug printouts
10:41 AM Simulation Revision 5312 (cbmroot): Changed the level of debug printouts
10:40 AM Simulation Revision 5311 (cbmroot): gLogger output instead of printf
10:24 AM CbmRoot Simulation: RE: Time stamp in digi objects
Volker Friese wrote:
> The comment "time within event" is a remainder of the CbmStsDigi and, of course, not correc...
10:14 AM CbmRoot Simulation: RE: Accessors in CbmTimeSlice
> I shall object to the accessor to the MUCH data container. Your implementation has a std::vector as return argument...


08:05 PM CbmRoot Simulation: RE: Default constructor of CbmTimeSlice
Volker Friese wrote:
> > I commented fatal log in the default CbmTimeSlice constructor (seems it is used by root man...
06:29 PM CbmRoot Simulation: RE: Index of MCPoint
Volker Friese wrote:
> > In the current approach CbmMCBuffer is filled with CbmMCPoints so the index of a point is n...

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