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mCBM application 2020 Reporter 06/04/2020
CbmRoot Developer, Reporter 01/23/2015
Algorithm Developer 04/30/2021
Simulation Developer 09/03/2021
TOF Reporter 12/02/2019



11:23 PM CbmRoot Revision e99e84d1 (cbmroot_git): L1: fix bug in TOF performance
Valentina Akishina


03:08 PM CbmRoot Bug #2285 (Closed): TOF hit station number mCBM setup 2021_07
Valentina Akishina
02:11 PM CbmRoot Bug #1872 (Closed): Dependecies in Event Builders
Valentina Akishina
02:10 PM CbmRoot Support #929 (Closed): standart macro
Valentina Akishina
01:58 PM CbmRoot Bug #2286 (Closed): Order of TRD stations in the mCBM setup 2021_07 + more issues
Valentina Akishina
01:50 PM CbmRoot Development #2557: Provide material budget maps for mMUCH geometries 22g, 22i, 22j and 22k
Partha Pratim Bhaduri wrote in #note-4:
> Dear Valentina,
> We will generate the material budget maps for the sugge...
Valentina Akishina


08:02 PM CbmRoot Revision e667cbba (cbmroot_git): L1: skip stations before the target
Valentina Akishina


11:34 AM CbmRoot Development #2462: Provide TRD v22d as of March 9th for Carbon beam data taking
Dear David,
Since I have added the material map and it seems to be used ok, should we close the issue?
The discussi...
Valentina Akishina
11:08 AM CbmRoot Bug #2517: Missing TRD v20b matbudget file
I will post instruction here as well, just in case anyone else needs it:
So here are the macros which I used to c...
Valentina Akishina


02:02 PM CbmRoot Revision b35becf6 (cbmroot_git): mCBM: add macro for TRD material map
Valentina Akishina

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